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Scarborough derelicts
2006-01-11: My g/f and I were walking around town over Christmas and noticed again the huge flocks of starlings circling the skies in the evening looking for somewhere to roost. Starlings flocking to roost in Scarborough
This time was different though. While we were watching them circle around and around, suddenly one would dive for the ground and a huge swathe would follow .. and not come back up again. We resolved to work out where the starlings roost.The old hospital
They seemed to be roosting behind the old hospital on south bay, but no matter where we went we could only get glimpses of what was behind there. What's behind the old hospital, Scarborough?What's behind the old hospital, Scarborough?
However, over a wall at the side, I could hold up my camera and get a picture .. wow, this is the first time I've actually seen it. Can you believe this is here, just behind the beachfront? Former St. Thomas Nursing Home, Scarborough
It appears, anyway, it's in imminent danger of being demolished by Candama Investors Ltd, you can watch planning progress here (using the reference from the photograph).Application for demolition notice
.. and that set us off taking pictures of knackered Scarborough buildings we love. There's The Futurist, the future of which is being decided upon. We can't decide (and nor can many of the people we've spoken to about it) whether that rotten old plastic nonsense should be removed and the marble restored to its former glory, or whether the whole rotten old building should be demolished to make way for a more modern facility. The Futurist Theatre, Scarborough
The old Bell Hotel's been more or less like this since we moved here about ten years ago The Bell Hotel, Scarborough
But, see update.
.. and this, our favourite. Friends helped people get permission to buy this on the story that it was going to open up as a Jazz club, but it looks increasingly likely to be flats now. The Old Chapel, Eastborough, Scarborough

By John Allsopp
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