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2012-01-22: Marketing has made 'cool' inauthentic and contrived. We are in a post-cool era. Simplicity, authenticity, naturalness and earnestness are our guiding values.
Good, honest, down to earth brands like Seeds of Change will lead the w .. oh, hang on. No, that's owned by Mars Inc. Not very cool, or post-cool. That'll be why you don't see the Mars logo on the Seeds of Change packs.
What that article (do read it, it'll change your life) doesn't deal with is the information society where an inauthentic brand can be outed overnight. All it takes is one creative moment and a viral social media. Greenpeace -v- KitKat.
So although the big brands will do everything it can to appeal in this post-cool world, if what they are saying isn't true, or isn't wholly true, we are all Julian Assange.
The promise of the Internet was to connect people. From a business point of view, to connect those who can help with those who have a need. Real people, real connections, not mediated through the Yellow Pages.
All of which means the small, the honest, the grassroots, the passionate, the sole trader, the human .. this is our time.

By John Allsopp
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