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Strange results checking client SEO position in Chrome
2011-12-19: Hmm, this is curious.
Time was, to work out what position in the search engines you were for a particular search term, you just searched for the term and counted your position.
Then there were the days of Web Position Gold with all its snazzy reports about whether you were going up or down for a zillion phrases. Then I discovered they weren't abiding by Google's terms and conditions, and their software was running from my IP address .. I was running the risk of being blacklisted. I dropped it instantly.
It came down to focus and manually checking position.
The issue with that is .. Google remembers what you've been doing, so if I'm working with a client Google thinks I like their site, so when I search, their site appears higher for me than it does for a normal searcher.
Then there's local .. results getting more emphasis if they are closer.
So I've been using a clean Google Chrome with cleared history with Google Instant turned off and showing 100 results per page, with the Number Search Results extension to count the position. I search for my phrase, use Ctrl+F to search for my website, and that extension shows me the position. Fine.
Except, not fine. Now, it looks like if I set Chrome (and Epiphany, fwiw (on Linux) and Safari on Mac, they all seem to use the same engine) to display 10 results per screen, my client is at position #10. If I set it to 100 per screen, my client is at #19. The results seem more expanded, with more results per website being displayed.
Got any thoughts on this? I'm at @JohnAllsoppIM on Twitter, or email me at john@johnallsopp.co.uk, I'll summarise what transpires (if anything) here.

By John Allsopp
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