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The Public Sector strike
2011-11-29: This strike, it's all wrong
I'm a little bit weirded out by the strike tomorrow and how the unions seem willing to call it a pensions strike. Maybe it's a legal thing.
To my mind, most people are hurting. So, if I'm Adrian Average and my pay's been cut, I feel my job's at risk, I've a family I'd die for .. why would I give a rat's tutu about someone else's pension? Pension .. that is. That luxury that many of us don't have.
A public sector strike about their pensions seems selfish of them, and since we live increasingly in a "what's in it for me" world, I'd say that just encourages everyone else to say "well, stuff them, I'm suffering too".
Perhaps we live in a more selfish world than the one union techniques were forged in.
Calling it a pension strike doesn't really rouse the masses in favour.
So let me just be clear. Given all the hurdles public sector workers will have had to go through to get a legal strike, I'm absolutely in favour.
I'm also in favour of the government's cuts. I want the deficit down, I don't want to be spending the same on servicing debt as we do paying for our armed forces.
There's just one thing. It has to be fair.
Letting Vodafone off £8bn of tax, and then expecting everyone on low pay to foot the bill isn't fair.
Women are bearing the brunt of these cuts. This government didn't even bother to do an equality assessment on the initial emergency budget. Under pressure, they acknowledged they should have done, but changed nothing.
Young people, too. If you can't afford to learn (university tuition, not having parents mobile and wealthy enough to move to the catchment area of a good school (where the house prices are inflated), removal of the EMA), and there are no jobs anyway .. you're not strapped on to this society at all. That's dangerous.
Meanwhile, we can't touch business, can't touch bonuses. We can knock women back thirty years, push a million young people onto the dole, take 15% off the pay of everyone in the public sector, but we can't touch business, ooh no, couldn't possibly. That would demotivate them.
This strike should be against the unfairness of this government's cuts. Not against the cuts, but pro equality. I'm moaning about poor PR.
15% off the public sector? Fine. Then 15% off bonuses, bosses pay and business profits too. We'd probably find, it only needs to be 5% if we did that. We are all in this together, after all.
Either that or get this guy to do your PR (bit sweary, warning).

By John Allsopp
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