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Interesting Twitter account
2011-04-12: After Psychotherapy is an interesting Twitter account .. why? Because he posts automatically every 7 minutes 24/7, and I haven't unfollowed him yet.
Anyone else posting that frequently, for instance Chefstales, gets unfollowed pretty quickly. Chefstales feels needy, to me and the tips obvious, ie. not real chefs tips at all but common knowledge home cookery techniques. Afterpsy5 feels helpful, interesting. If I click on a link I almost always read the whole article.
So, how many articles are there on the After Psychotherapy website? Only 109 according to Yahoo!. So maybe I haven't followed or read very many, as to me, every post seems new.
Yet, looking at the history, it's just an automatic posting system that works its way through the list. It seems to have hit a sweet spot where there's very likely to be an update from afterpsy5 on my Twitter page at any one time, and I don't mind.
Is there an afterpsy? And an afterpsy1? Yes .. all the way up to afterpsy6. All with about 12,000 followers and having dispensed about 22,000 tweets. At 1 every 7 minutes that's only 107 days and I feel I've known about this account for longer than that.
But anyway, on the face of it and overall, there are 72,000 followers in the system being brought to a Wordpress blog containing 109 articles, with some outbound links to other blogs. There's nothing overtly salesy going on, although he may be increasing his kudos, his worth to publishers, as a talking head, as an expert.
Each account appears to follow as many accounts as it is followed by. It appears to be set up automatically to follow back anyone who follows, so the followers could have been grown organically, and perhaps there's a following engine working away in the background too. Perhaps anytime someone tweets 'stress', and a load of other keyphrases, they get followed by afterpsy.
But what interests me is that it seems useful, the blogs are good, and I haven't been irritated by it yet.
It's easily done. 109 articles .. well, if you wrote one a day you'd be done in under four months. One every Sunday morning .. just a couple of years.
The following systems and auto posting take a short while to set up. After that the whole thing is automated. Although the subtle refinement of the system suggests that at the very least it's been set up by someone who knows what they are doing, but it could also be being managed very well: if we tweet every 6 minutes versus every 8 minutes what happens? Which titles work best? Which tweets lose us followers? What words trigger retweets?
72,000 followers. So if he runs that for a year or so and then brings out a book .. might 1% buy it? An eBook at say £4.99 would bring in about £3,500. Not a fortune, but it's a start.
Most such systems provide a few subtle ways for people to pay money. From 'buy me a coffee' systems to book sales, email list subscription (which then provides multiple ideas of things to buy), through to full sales of maybe a subscription site, consultancy or whatever.
It all comes back to the main thing to learn from this. The style. Non-salesy. Informative. Gentle. Welcoming.
The tweets, not '10 ways to', but 'what happens when?'.
I like it.

By John Allsopp
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