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A simple, organic, search engine optimisation system
2011-03-11: Here's a simple and organic system to improve your search engine optimisation if you have some traffic and an enquiry form on your website.
Firstly, set up the completion of your enquiry form to be a 'goal' in Analytics. That's a tech job so ask your web developer (or ask me) to do that.
Wait until the end of the month and then look in Analytics and see which search phrases people used to find your site where they ended up completing your goal .. ie. which search phrases turn into enquiries for you?
You may be surprised to find they are fairly long and not based around a core search term, here's a real-life example (with names changed):
  • customized shoe packaging uk
  • gift packaging made to order
  • branded packaging
  • retail gift packaging manufacturers
  • customised gift packaging
These sound like great article ideas to me, or at least, blogs.
It seems to me a hierarchy of articles could be built, with these filling some of the slots, and all the slots being filled over time.
Of course, if you haven't got a page about retail gift packaging, but you just got an enquiry from that term, you must rank in the search engines somewhere for the term. Writing an article on the subject is only going to raise you higher. And we know that, for instance, if you are in position #2 and we can get you to #1 that means 3.55 times the enquiries. That's 3.55x the business, even more perhaps if they are keener to buy having read all about how you address their exact problem.
So that's an easy system to set up:
Each month:
  1. Check which search terms converted last month
  2. Work out whether they relate to an existing article or not
  3. For each phrase where a new page is needed, write, find a great photograph for, clear, and publish. Where a phrase is a simple variant of one you've already published an article about, adjust that article
It doesn't have to stop there, of course. Once you have your story inspiration system set up, use the stories in multiple ways. Of course, once you write the article you might tweet about it and provide a link. Put it on your Facebook Page. LinkedIn. But if you really want to drive things harder .. make a video on the same subject. Podcast it. Make those stories really work for you.
What I love about this system is it automatically heat seeks. The market just told you that there's an unfulfilled need for you to provide "customised gift packaging". So you put a little effort in that direction and if more enquiries come through, you put more effort there. It's marketing evolution.

By John Allsopp
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