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You should write an ebook
2011-01-12: You should write an ebook, says Seth Godin.
Ok, let's just look at that for a minute. First of all, that was written in early 2007. Has Internet marketing changed in that time? Yeah, it has.
But here's what's gotten me really annoyed. Godin, I'm sure, is a lovely man. But he doesn't know me, my market, what I sell .. nothing.
His tale of the success of his e-book is about the Godin brand. He's been building that for years. When Godin speaks, there are people around to listen. Millions of them. Godin has a list. He has an audience.
If I wrote an e-book, my mum probably wouldn't read it. So that advice is basically crap, for me and very probably for you.
That's the difference between engaging me to help with your Internet marketing, and flailing around in the miasma of Internet marketing advice online.
So here's your choice.
Choice 1: take advice from the milkman and Godin and your brother and whatever you find on the Internet and whatever pops up in your inbox and do what they say, or pick and choose and do the things you think are right. Go ahead.
Choice 2: engage me and I will guide you to do the right thing. Have you seen the Black Cab Sessions? For small businesses my role is to listen, understand, cogitate, and provide a clear path forward. You are not Seth Godin. You may very well not be the same sex as Seth Godin. Not in the same country. You're probably not in the same market. Probably don't want the same things, have the same skills, have the same personality.
You are different. Your market is different. Your product is different. Your resource level (time, money, energy, enthusiasm) is different. You can do different things. It's a different time, the world is different, things have moved on, gotten worse / gotten better. You probably get the idea.
My advice is personalised. It's my best advice to you, taking everything into account. Different every time. Playing to your strengths as we see them.
Do you write poetry? Imagine you run a server farm (a bank of computers). If you wrote poetry about the silent, churning power of all your humming servers .. there's something there that's different, interesting.
So I'll use all your strengths, all your resources, to your best advantage.
But you know what? Sometimes I'll push you into something you don't want to do because I think you need to do it.
Sole traders fill a space the shape of their own personality and sit there all comfortable. Sometimes something needs to be broken and rebuilt better if you are to move forward. I'll do that.
So I don't know if that makes me a coach. A psychologist. A pain in the arse. A consultant. An Internet marketing know it all. A guru. Probably none of those.
I just know what I do.
I start from where you are. We take your strengths and we set off to press them home. We test, change, test, change and when it's working we turn it up to 11.
I stop you having to wade through all the possibles and maybe never finding the one thing that works.
OK, I, also, may not find what works. But I may be one of your best chances of finding it and anyway, testing sorts us out if we are off target.
My strategy, when we've worked it out, will provide clarity and will save you from a million "you should write an e-book"s, to which a good response IMHO is "wtf, you don't even know me, how can you say that?"
Hope that helps.

By John Allsopp
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