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How one UK ecommerce site came top, an analysis
2010-11-30: This isn't one of mine, but it's a great illustration of how online marketing should be done.
In conversation one night my g/f and I got excited about 1930s interior decor and went searching through Google images. One image stood out as being particularly beautiful.
If you click through to the story, it's a really well written, knowledgable and useful introduction to the Hollywood Regency style.
After reading that we can click through to other articles, or look at some bestselling items in the shop. The shop .. that's right. This is all for Terry's Fabrics.
My g/f sent a link to that picture to her mum and to me and I'm now blogging and putting up those links so you might click through to them too. In publishing these links, I'm creating two outbound links from my blog to their website. I'm giving them some of my Page Rank and raising them in the search results, while bringing myself down.
So, what we have is an e-commerce website selling curtain poles, fabrics, rugs and so on. Attached to that is a really excellent blog.
Does it work? Search in Google for printed duvet covers .. yes, there they are, number 1.
What does it take to do the same?
Well, they are writing an excellent blog a day, so whatever it takes to do that .. I'd say a couple of hours a day when you count in management time, sourcing pictures, wondering what to write about and so on. And it's not something you want to outsource to Indonesia .. this writer knows something about their subject.
Such articles get re-used to get more links from the effort of writing, if we search for a phrase from one of the blogs from a month ago we can see the terry's entries but ooh look, there's something similar in ezinearticles from someone called Ian McKintosh and guess what, he's pumping out an article a day on that site and whoa .. he works for Terry's too! What seems at first blush to be good about this is that the articles seem to be inspired by each other instead of being the same article just worded slightly differently .. very good practice.
Now, whether Ian the ezinearticles chap and Helen the blogger and Terry him or herself are all the same person, we don't know, it's all a bit quiet on LinkedIn, but anyway, there's a good few hours of work a day here, but what fabulous results! Terry's is beating much more established names to the top of Google.
How are they doing it? They are blogging. Creating great content, and bringing people to the shop. And through that, they are getting top rankings for search phrases people are using when they want to buy something.
I'm not seeing Facebook or Twitter in the mix, it's just blogging.
The result? Yahoo! says the site has 16,292 pages, and 2,587 inbound links. Wow. They've been blogging steadily since 2008 and now they lead. Imagine trying to beat this!
Plus, it looks like 'Terry' used to blog him/herself and then later brought in one or more writers.
So when I say the right way to do this is to create a system that creates great content and genuinely contributes to the Internet, this is what I'm talking about. This is big business.
I can do this for you. It's what I do. Get in touch.

By John Allsopp
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