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50% increase in website conversion from two sentences
2010-11-18: I'm working on a website that I've inherited. It's pitiful to look at, but it converts. Well, it did convert at 2% and I just know that if I make it all spangly and new, that conversion will die off. It looks honest at the moment.
Plus, it ranks number one here and in the US for many key phrases.
So I changed just two sentences and now it converts at 3%.
Basically the idea is, you land on the home page and it says .. well, let me make up an example. Let's say it's a cure for halitosis. So on page one it says "halitosis is this and affects that blah introduction blah" and at the bottom it says "have you got bad breath?"
On page two it says "if you've got halitosis, everyone hates you, you won't get a job or a partner, you'll die poor and lonely etc." and at the end it says "are you ready to cure your halitosis?"
Page three says "I used to have halitosis, but I cured it with this five step programme, here are the steps" and ends with "buy now".
The changes I made were those two link texts from page 1 to 2, and 2 to 3. Previously they said something like "find out more .. ".
So the reason I changed the wording? The law of consistency.
If the reader clicks the link to say they've got bad breath, they've agreed they've got bad breath. If they click to say they are ready to cure their halitosis, then they are saying they are ready to cure their halitosis. So when the cure is maybe £25 or so .. to reject that is a big deal. What, are you a cheapskate, or a liar? You said you had halitosis. You said you were ready to cure your halitosis. So now what you're saying is, you clicked those two previous links on false pretences. No, there's a strong motivation to buy the product.
Once we take an action, we are pulled to be consistent with that action.
50% increase in conversion from a few minute's work.

By John Allsopp
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