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Just a couple of ideas
2010-08-28: Just a quick blog to record a couple of ideas.
I just retweeted "ewanmcintosh Film I'm involved with reaches BBC Breakfast. Like Northern Soul music? Like SoulBoy: http://bbc.in/ci6tH7 #soul #northernsoul #music" (I'd like to know more about Northern Soul) and immediately it got retweeted by "breakfast_bot RT @JohnAllsoppIM RT @ewanmcintosh: Film I'm involved with reaches BBC Breakfast. Like Northern Soul... http://bit.ly/a16cvl , yum, i hope!".
I guess BreakfastBot watches out for any mention of Breakfast and retweets it take a look. Actually, I thought it was the BBC Breakfast team making public the public reaction to their programme, which is kinda cool and would give them a stream of inbound links too. I like that idea. As it stands maybe it's owned by someone who has a breakfast sausage to sell.
OK, here's the biggy. Not yet convinced about online video? Polycell. They sell you the product and you can see a video that shows you how to use it. Fabulous.
Just one thing dammit! That same old problem is still there. It's still everywhere. It's sorted by product category.
If you are going to run expensive ads showing youngish people who don't know how to fill cracks in their walls, they don't know if they want a filler or a decorating aid. What they know is, they have a crack in their wall.
People are goal oriented online. They'll search for "repair crack in wall" and buy the solution they find. They won't search for 'filler' if they don't know that's what they need. If they see the ad and go to the Polycell website, they won't want to click around trying to work out whether it's a filler or a decorating aid that they want.
Golden rule: no-one cares how you categorise your products. Sort your website according to the problems people are having. Completely forget your product categories.
So, I would rip out the products part of the site and instead list common problems (written from the user's point of view) and their solutions with the video and the product. I'd watch the traffic to those problems and only display the 80:20 pareto top ones on page one, but have further pages that cover everything else.
My 2p worth, but if they are targeting DIY novices, I bet that would seriously improve conversion. Mind-you, I don't know how they'd measure that since they are not selling off the page, but guiding people to their nearest stockist (that works well). They could give people a printout 50p-off voucher or similar and track that back, but in doing so they'd probably eat up all their profits. I'm guessing the goal would have to be getting someone to add a product to their shopping list (nice), and using the store locator.
Anyway, don't forget: video. Video video video video. Did I mention how important video is? Video video video. Think video. Do video. Do it now. Do video today. Like .. stop reading (after the next sentences) and then do some video. And the golden rule, write for your visitor and don't imagine for a second (unless you are Aston Martin or Madonna with enthusiastic fans) anyone cares about your product lines. They just want a solution to their problem. Cheers. Cya.

By John Allsopp
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