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Reputation management
2010-08-12: Eeeh, marketers do talk some rubbish sometimes.
Basically according to that article reputation management is a search engine optimisation problem. If people search on your name, do they find the good stories or the bad ones first? That's solved with straightforward SEO skills. If you were an actor or a professor or a manager and came to me for help promoting yourself online, that's obviously part of what I would do. I just wouldn't call it an online detox.
Of course it's a little more complicated for companies where the line that separates customers from staff can (and probably should) become completely blurred. There it's the interactions that form the reputation, so everyone has to act consistently according to the company branding.
Anyway, online reputation management. Yes, I do that too :-) Actually, I've been doing it for a while.

By John Allsopp
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