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2010-08-08: As you might imagine, getting to the top of Google for a phrase like online marketing is pretty difficult since the people going for that phrase are the best of the best at search engine ranking. Something like online marketing UK is a little easier though.
But there's doing things right, and there's doing the right thing, and that's what I'm toying with at the moment.
Unless you are William Gates Jr you have limited resources. There are only ten natural search slots on page one of Google and you can't just get the position you want. If people are making money there, they will defend their position. You get into a resources war, with both of you spending money and effort in being on page one and it's a matter of who blinks first.
However I have some new software that provides a quick way of working out which keyphrases in a market offer the best chance of success. That is, keyphrases that have traffic but low competition. Keyphrases for which you could get a page one position that will make you some money.
In my market, 'online marketing UK' seemed the best chance so I thought I'd just butcher my home page and see what gives.
I'm presently in position 122 in Google, from nowhere. Whoopedoo. But I've risen nicely for Scarborough for that and other related phrases too.
Oh, and you might have noticed there's a new picture at the top of the page. Half of you will, half of you won't. It's a split test. Right now, there's a slight preference for 'without pic'. Could just be a bad pic :-)
Anyway, that's what's occurring :-)

By John Allsopp
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