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Adsense earnings up 10%
2010-07-16: Well, these are exciting times. Probably to the left of these words are some paid-for ads via Google Adsense.
Adsense provides an income stream for people like me who write content. So as a blogger I put up Adsense ads.
Advertisers can then buy ad space and pay per click (Adwords). Their ads are matched to my blog content, so hopefully now I'm talking about PPC ads you should see ads about PPC and when I mention bananas you should see banana ads. They should (really) be relevant to each blog entry.
When you, the reader, click on one of those ads, I get some of the money.
Anyway, put the flags out because my income stream from Adsense ads on my blog pages is up 10%
Yes, in June I made 9p, and so far in July I've made 10p.
(Err, hang on, 11% isn't it? Even better.)
I'll send you a postcard.

By John Allsopp
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