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2010-07-12: Urgency is a big sales motivator. We don't like making decisions. I was looking at the quote "If I had to choose, I'd rather have birds than aeroplanes" (among a load of anti BP t-shirts on a site that wasn't this one) and I thought .. we really don't like choices, we'll do anything to have both.
We dislike loss more than we like what we might gain. Making a choice means saying 'no' to something in order to gain something else. If we can somehow avoid making the choice, it means we get to keep both options open for longer.
In sales, we need to force that decision to be made, preferably while we are around (otherwise the next salesman will force it) and a time limit is one technique we can use.
If we are presented with a one-day sale, well, the decision has to be made today. So here are some ways to bring some urgency to your website:
  • Use phrases like "click here now", "last day", or "special time-limited offer" in your copy
  • Cross out the old price before putting the 'offer' price.
  • Be clear about the deadline: add the date, a countdown, or an 'ends today' flash.
Whatever you do, make sure the reason to buy now is clear.

By John Allsopp
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