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Utter bloody rudeness
2010-06-30: As documented before, I kinda love Lynne Truss, author of the best selling book Eats, Shoots and Leaves which tells you how to start a war by using the wrong grammar.
Her follow-up Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of Everyday Life is equally entertaining.
One thing that made me laugh out loud was her saying that, and I really hope this is true, "For some time now, I have been carrying a Sooty glove-puppet on shopping expeditions, so that I can at least have a decent conversation when buying stuff in Ryman's. 'What's that Sooty? That will be £3.99? What's that Sooty? Thank you very much? What's that Sooty? Goodbye?"
Interestingly, she also offers this insight into this sort of thing: "The once-prevalent idea that, as individuals, we have a relationship with something bigger than ourselves .. has become virtually obsolete. For this reason, many people simply cannot see why they shouldn't chuck their empty burger box out of the car window. They also don't see any reason to abide by traffic laws unless there is a speed camera advertised. 'That's so selfish!' is a cry that has no judgmental content for such people, and little other meaning either."

By John Allsopp
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