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Perhaps the most boring book I've ever read
2010-06-17: PRINCE2 Revealed might be the most boring book I've ever read, but that's probably because I'm not the target reader. Actually, I read the first edition, that link is to the second edition.
The book is about how to use the UK government sponsored project management system PRINCE2 for smaller projects, perfect for me, so I bought it and read it.
But basically, it seems to me you have to know PRINCE2 before reading the book.
That's sad, because I'd say there's a bigger market of people who might want to learn some simple principles of PRINCE2 for smaller projects en route to maybe learning PRINCE2 later than there are PRINCE2 practitioners who, although capable of managing a project to build an aircraft carrier, also happen to have small projects to manage too.
Or maybe it's just me. But I love reading stuff like this (I almost never read fiction), and I love the idea of PRINCE2, so me and this book simply didn't get on.
Until page 250, when he basically said what he meant all along.
There's a time-management technique for getting information from books which says don't just start reading, use the book, scan it, look at it from the top down, look through first just at the chapter headings. Get an overview. Then maybe look at subheadings. Then diagrams. Then the first paragraphs of each chapters, then the first sentence of each paragraph of the bits you need. I'd have been much better off applying that technique to this book. But I still don't think it would really have worked for me .. he keeps referring to the PRINCE2 manual as if it's an old friend.
I'd have done it differently .. invented a small project maybe, then considered a problem and introduced a PRINCE2 principle that solves that. Then move forward a little more, find another problem, work out which bit of PRINCE2 solves that. In the end, you've learned PRINCE2 by accident.
Anyway, I'll try to introduce some PRINCE2 into my life. I'll keep you posted.

By John Allsopp
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