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Scarborough v Tenerife
2010-06-04: Google Trends shows search traffic going back to 2004, and you can select by country. I work with a number of B&Bs here and trade is down so far this year so I wondered if it was me or if it was Scarborough.
It appears that despite the Renaissance Scarborough is on a downward trend (I'm not saying the Renaissance has been a failure, its benefits will come over the medium term).
In 2005 searches for 'Scarborough' from people in the UK dropped 2.5%. In 2006 with bird flu it dropped 6.2%. 2007 was a good year in that it rose 3.5% on the previous year because of foot and mouth (people couldn't get out in the British countryside). Then in 2008 it dropped 0.2% and in the recession years in 2009 it was down 4.6% and so far this year it's down 7%. Overall since 2004, traffic has fallen 16.6%
Last year, the press talked up the 'staycation' which was irritating because a staycation before that meant staying at home, where they interpreted it as staying in the country as if that was an unusual thing to do.
Anyway the feeling now is that the percentage who did go against their heart and stay in Britain last year for their holidays are now gagging to get away from the place again, so I checked out search trends for Scarborough versus Tenerife.
Funnily enough, Tenerife has fallen 27% over the full period, meaning Scarborough did rather well against that and maybe Scarborough is actually beating the trend. But this year so far, Scarborough seems to be down 16.6% whereas Tenerife is up 12%. So maybe people really are desperate for an escape. Pity, the weather's been terrific here in Scarborough.

By John Allsopp
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