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2010-05-27: A competitor has 427 inbound links to their site, and we have 0. A big hill to climb, no?
Maybe not. Working down them, here's one from 2006. So it's been four years at least to reach 427 links. That's just 2 a week.
If we got 2 a week, we'd always be 4 years behind them, so I guess 4 a week is the target to catch up in two.
This client wants immediate, huge traffic from a one-page website run by a web developer who did it for commission and has run out of goodwill.
The real issue is, the competitor has 2,056 pages on their site. We would have to create 2 really good quality pages every weekday for 4 years to equal them, 4 per day to reach their level in 2 years. You could employ someone on 10p per thousand words to do that but my guess is your site would look like trash by the end. Quality, always. You have to actually reach people in a meaningful way.
So let's see. ? £100 per article ? £400 a day ? £8,000 a month. Or employ a writer.
Google likes the idea that you can't buy yourself onto their front page. But you kinda can, you kinda have to. To reach this competitor's position would take £8k/month for 4 years = £384,000 of investment just in text content. That's before the competitor notices you catching up and uses their income stream to raise their game.
It's real money, real business. People gain profitable positions and then defend them.
The only way through is to concentrate on conversion, because if you can convert better than they do, it means you're speaking to your market more effectively, and it means you might reach their level of profit after only two years.
Either that or find yourself a new market.

By John Allsopp
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