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2010-05-18: OK, well, my site's been down for a few days along with 18 others due to an 'unprecedented' data loss at my website host.
Apparently what happened is this: "Your server was running a RAID 5 array which normally offers robust data protection (the array can stand a hard drive failure without any data loss). Yesterday the server suffered a hard drive failure and a new drive was fitted. The server has since been rebuilding the data array. Unfortunately, and without precedent in our ten years of web hosting, another hard drive failed this afternoon. The server had not yet finished rebuilding the array and the array has become degraded and the data is corrupted beyond repair."
Now, I trust my hosts and have a great relationship with them. However looking at RAID 5 it has to be said this risk was known.
So I'm looking to them to react accordingly and improve their systems.
I have to say I didn't realise so many of my clients were on one machine, so I'll be looking to spread that more.
I will also be looking to my clients to see if they'd like to share the cost between them of me setting up a secondary backup system. Bet no-one wants to, though.
In the meantime, you'll probably find a load of images missing off my site. I have to re-copy them all across sometime when I've not got client work to do.

By John Allsopp
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