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Cheap writing
2010-05-10: The web is all about content, and the written word is great content because Google can read and index it.
That leads to thoughts along the lines of "so, if I can write a blog post every day, that'll be 365 posts a year and if each of them points to my site then that will pass Page Rank and get me into the search engines".
After a day or so the next thought is "jeepers, writing for a blog is a pain, how can I get it done cheaply?"
You can. You can employ someone in Indonesia or wherever to write you a blog every day and it'll probably cost you £1 a time or whatever.
Will it be quality writing? Err, no. I think that's what's happened here
I live in Scarborough and I don't recognise it from that text.
So. Would that do your brand any good? Would it provide you with pre-sold visitors? Would it bring any visitors at all, actually? No.
Ours is an attention economy. What wins is great content. Inventive, interesting, entertaining, informative content.

By John Allsopp
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