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How much work to improve my Google position?
2010-04-19: "What will it take to get to page one of Google?"
Firstly, for which phrase? Secondly, for which country version of Google?
But once we've sorted that out, the answer is "a little bit more time, knowledge and resource than those already on page one are investing".
With half an hour a day, I'm building a website's Google traffic by 14% month on month. I've a number of top positions, and the average daily position rise for my target phrases is 2%.
For some of my key target phrases I'm in position, say, 34 (ie. on page 4 of Google UK). If my trend continues, after a couple of months I'll be on page 1 for that phrase.
Two things about that. Firstly, competition might get stronger as I reach that page one position. If those people spend an hour a day, then they are actually still pulling ahead of me even now as I'm rising through the lower rankings.
Secondly, notice the long haul approach here. It's like a lifestyle change. Blogging and tweeting and so on, not that that's what I'm using here .. but for example, take a little time every day. It's an investment in your business. It has to be for the long term.
If it were a short term blast, in principle, Google may well spot it, think you were spamming the system (especially if you were using a system you bought), and penalise you.

By John Allsopp
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