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I just reached for a (British English) dictionary
2010-03-07: In the previous blog I wondered "flakey" or "flaky"? My first thought was to check a dictionary online.
But there's a real problem for us Brits trying to be sure that the dictionary we are checking is British English (I love internationalisation issues).
Then there are the ads they have to deliver in order to pay for their service.
My 1986 Oxford Reference Dictionary
So I reached for my 1986 copy of the Oxford Reference Dictionary. The cover's falling off. The sleeve's long gone.
It's on my nearest shelf, always, because if I lift a book off that shelf I always put it back on the far left. If I buy a new book, it goes there, far left, and I remove books from the far right to make room for it. They go to a shelf further away. It's a caching system, applied to the real world.
I found my answer quickly. I'm sure it's correct and British English. It was a more satisfying experience. I've had that book for 24 years.

By John Allsopp
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