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OK, I have a Google position for Starting a Bed and Breakfast Business
2010-03-05: It's not the best Google position in the world, but today my blog on Starting a Bed and Breakfast Business appeared in position 34 for "Starting a Bed and Breakfast Business" and position 36 for "Starting a Bed and Breakfast" in google.co.uk. Yesterday we were nowhere, so that's cool. I'm not seeing extra traffic yet, but it's early days and you wouldn't expect to be deluged with traffic and business by being on page 4 of the search results.
That blog does appear in, strictly position 4, but first Google natural search position after the Google map entries for "Starting a Bed and Breakfast Business Scarborough". But I'm guessing there's very little traffic for that term, a few a year perhaps.
Do be aware, though, when unscrupulous SEO companies call you and promise you first page results, it's easy to get endless first page results in Google for long tail search terms (that don't generate any traffic), and for localised terms. I'm in position 34 for the general term, and position 4 for the localised one. Easy.
In the early appearances of a page in Google's search results it tends to move around a bit, so tomorrow I may be nowhere or on page one. So I think I'll let it settle for a while because there's no point working on it if it's heading for a page one position anyway. Particularly since this is a one-off thing, I don't want to create a permanent position for this blog entry.
My feeling is there's still work to do, but let's just see what Google does next.

By John Allsopp
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