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What's Deqq?
2010-03-03: I stumbled across Deqq in Twitter where its bio "A social marketing tool to engage, energize and grow your audience and fans" sounded great. I clicked through.
I no longer understand. Do you?
I'm not willing to work to be sold to. This is an attention economy. What's scarce, online, is attention. Deqq, you want my attention? You have ten seconds at the very, very most to convince me you're worth it.
I want an 'about us' page that tells me what Deqq is. Without one, I'm gone.
So .. I'm gone.
That's how important an 'about us' page is. That's how important having clear text is. That's how important being honest and straightforward online is. Don't ever try to fool me or waste my time.
Make your interface as snazzy as you like with up to the minute groovy, cool and motivating graphics. But if your visitors don't know what your offer is, it's all over.

By John Allsopp
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