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2010-02-24: I have a thing about starting from nothing, it's probably genetic. I fight it, but I just love that first step. So if I'm building a website for myself, I tend to head straight for functionality and publish, then continually improve it from there.
That leads to some pretty spartan looking, Times New Roman on white websites, but I'm always watching the traffic, I listen hard, and I take it from there, letting the customers guide how it develops.
As you can imagine, I've done the rounds with Internet marketing training courses. Mostly, they are delivered by video, which is probably fine for the gaming generation but frankly I've been to university, I'm faster with a book or Google and I don't feel comfortable sitting down to watch an hour's video, or even a quarter of an hours video (especially if it's one of a big series), even if it is packed full of fabulous information.
And when I meet, say, a bed and breakfast owner I know they are never going to sit through those videos to learn what they need to make their business work, and why should they? They need to be great at running a bed and breakfast, the rest will follow. Those courses are for me. It's my job to know my clients, to select the Internet marketing tools you need, and to show you how to build your business. I take the thousand things I know and I pass on the two things that will really work for each of my clients. For the next client, it will probably be a different two things. I bulk-break knowledge. Incidentally, and regular readers will know this is coming, if you are do run a bed and breakfast, do consider this Internet marketing offer for a bed and breakfast business near Scarborough .. I'm only doing that once so if you want it, get in touch.
Anyway, the problem for me is that small companies and startups don't have a lot of money or time, but I want to support them, otherwise where does society end up? The same old same old .. big companies dominating. I like diversity, I like small, I like interesting, local and different and the Internet was supposed to be all about that.
So I created this thing called Flow Marketing. Yeah, go on, laugh at the awfulness of my website.
Here's the idea. As a small business owner using Flow Marketing you can go through an online flowchart that, within a few clicks, takes you to exactly the knowledge you want. "More traffic? Better conversion? Here's my best tool for that .. ". No more hour long videos, just exactly what you need, when you need it. Hands on, step by step guidance. And no more telling you what you already know. It's a quick way to fill in the gaps in your knowledge of how to build your business online. It covers the basics, but gets sophisticated pretty quickly.
It's efficient, and it's customised for you.
Call it an Internet marketing expert system, if you like. It's my knowledge distilled.
Problem is, it's a great idea but I haven't actually built it yet. There are a few steps to my flowchart but that's about it. I mean, I won't spend the time to build it if no-one's interested, so here's the thing. I need a customer or two to take a punt, to say "yeah, sounds like a good idea". It's a subscription site. Once I've populated it with loads of seriously groovy and up to date Internet marketing advice, I'll want to charge £9.99 a month for it, but there's nothing much there now so it is a bit of a leap of faith. So for the first signupee, I'm giving it free for life. For the next one, 10p a month for life. 20p for the next, etc.
Once I get my first users, I'll be watching what you do. I'll see where your interests lie. So if you click through mostly to wanting to build website traffic, I'll expand that part of the flowchart. If you're wondering how best to use Twitter, I'll expand on that.
In the end I'll be able to help lots of small businesses grow their income online in an efficient way for both of us, which makes it affordable to you and efficient for me. So if you've been reading my blog and thinking .. "well, this Allsopp bloke seems to know what he's on about but I'm not sure I can afford him", take a punt on Flow Marketing. First one to jump gets it for free, remember, so be the first. (UPDATE: the first free one has gone, so next up is just 10p per month)

By John Allsopp
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