(I'm a freelance Internet marketer open to opportunities to develop and implement an effective digital marketing strategy for all sizes of organisations (including one-man-bands). If (instead) you don't want a 'strategy', you know what you want, you really just want an effective Internet marketing implementor, don't read any more of this page, go to Surge Marketing instead (you'll probably still speak to me, but we manage things differently there).)

Stand out with an effective digital marketing strategy

How are you going to get noticed?

I'm not an ordinary web developer.

I stand for usability, because usability is a key determiner of success online. I want your online properties to be unusually useful and easy to use.

Most people create websites that reflect the company structure.

I say your website should instead reflect the needs of your customers (yes, that leads to an entirely different and more usable website structure, yes that means you will be higher in Google search and yes, that means more people will share links to your pages in social media).

From Christmas 2013, mobile devices (pads & smartphone) became the most common ways for people to access the web. Every new website design must start with the mobile experience. Small screens and distracted users mean cutting the clutter, getting to the nub of things.

For me to build or manage your web presence to include your website, social media and apps and engineer how they work together consistently persuasively to deliver your brand to people who want what you've got, I start with your brand values and your customers and how they relate*. I look at what issues you solve for your customers and how that can be organised online. I'll suggest a website structure and social media strategy that work together (I'm big on persuasive psychology).

What you'll get is not an ordinary website. Not a few disparate tweets. You'll get a digital marketing engine.

I wrote something cheesy to go here, but let me talk straight to you. I see lots and lots of me-too websites that sit in the place where something great could be. A yawn website will cost you the same, but in terms of lost sales and uninspired customers, they cost an awful lot more.

When I say I can build you a great website, app or social media strategy, I don't mean bells and whistles and double the budget. I mean genuinely useful, focussed, clear and effective in finding you new prospects, converting them to business, and helping them become your most loyal fans.

Talk to me .. let me know what you're thinking (even if it's fuzzy .. I like fuzzy .. fuzzy is actually the best time for us to talk): 01723 376477 / john@johnallsopp.co.uk / Twitter / LinkedIn / about me

* Don't worry if you don't have defined brand values, and you really just want a website. Defining your brand values for a small company can take just an hour, it's actually great fun, and it will give you real clarity. I'm very used to working with sole traders and small companies. We still have to get it right, but we can move quickly.

PS. I did a series of marketing chats over Skype with an already successful B&B owner, then recently got back in touch and he, unprompted, wrote me this (summarised): "Recently we were reflecting on how much poorer our life was before we embarked on our spectacularly successful house-concert monthly gig. The idea first came from you. You changed our life for the better ;-) Sorry that we accidentally stopped chatting, it wasn't a conscious decision. I've never told you how much I continue to value them. You always brought a left-field 'outside the box' approach to our marketing chats, which I found challenging - in a completely good way! You were part of our business's early development, and you helped to shape where we are now (I still remember frantically re-writing all our website copy when you explained that they weren't 'our' rooms, they were 'your' rooms). Connect with the heart, you said, and I've been carrying that ever since. Just saying."